Know Your Audience: How to Sell Insurance to Millennials

September 19, 2018


Hello Agents,

Change is hard but we’ve all seen what happens when companies don’t adapt to the times (looking at you Blockbuster and Kodak). One of the biggest changes happening to the insurance industry is the generation we’re selling to. As Baby Boomers start to hit retirement, millennials are taking their place. This tech-savvy generation is different from their parents and understanding their insurance needs is critical to keeping your agency in business.

The change has already started and new companies that cater to millennials are already popping up. Let’s chat about a few ways to keep your agency relevant to this new generation:

We’ve chatted before about the benefits of using social media for your agency (see How to Brand Yourself on Social Media). But actually leveraging technology takes more finesse than just a website and Facebook page.

Millennials can have information at their hands at the click of a button. If they can’t find information on your agency, or get in contact with you quickly, they’re likely to move on to someone that will. Use technology to show your agency’s values and build personal relationships. Skip print and TV ads and switch to digital ads on social media or use Google Ads. These ads are more likely to engage a younger crowd who are used to finding their products and services online only. Another great avenue is encouraging happy customers to post reviews on your agency. Let your agency’s great work speak for itself through the words of others!


Millennials have grown up watching companies take advantage of past generations. They want to know a business is not just in it to make money, but actually cares about what they’re doing. The best thing you can do is show how you’ll add value to their lives by helping them with their insurance needs. One thing that doesn’t get talked about often is how an insurance agent can add a personal touch to their experience and actually care about what happens in their lives. The one thing you can’t get away with when working with millennials is inauthenticity. Be genuine about how your agency will solve a particular problem for them.

Selling insurance to millennials should be viewed as a long-term game. Starting simple with renters and/or car insurance is a great start for this financially strapped generation. Millennials are buying homes less, owning less cars, and getting married later in life than previous generations. This means they’re also purchasing insurance differently and may not need the typical multi-policy you’re used to creating. That doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. Building long-term relationships is key and your agency will be the first one they turn to when they are ready to purchase home and life insurance as protection for their new family. So while you may not write a multi-policy at the beginning of your working relationship with a millennial, eventually their lives will change and they’ll be ready to trust your judgment when they are ready!

The Takeaway: updating some of your sales tactics, showing value, and starting with the basics are all great ways to sell insurance to millennials! And while we hate to put generations into boxes, our buying trends are based on how we were raised and technology has played a huge key in millennials lives. Adapting to these changing buying trends, is the only way to insure your agency sticks around.

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- Contactability

New Agency? Avoid These Common Startup Mistakes

September 14, 2018


Hi Agents,

When starting a new insurance agency, success is never guaranteed and many start-ups are prone to failing. We all had to start somewhere in the insurance industry and some of us had to learn the hard way.

So, how does a savvy independent insurance agent avoid failure? Below are some brief takeaways that will help you lead your agency in the direction of success:

Right when you start your agency, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the marketing materials you “need”. These are all important parts of your agency but when starting out, will these purchases directly lead to new sales? Don’t waste money without planning out your marketing goals. A marketing plan is a great way to insure your agency messaging is consistent, the money you spend is going towards building revenue, and help with focusing your budget to invest in online insurance leads and live-transfer calls that will result in actual sales. Auto insurance leads are a great first investment because they usually close faster than other leads, resulting in immediate ROI!


When starting an agency, many insurance agency agreements require a retail office or location prior to opening. Opening an office includes furnishings, possible support staff, and monthly operating costs. Trying to keep up with the Joneses won’t get you more customers so keep it simple. Only purchase necessities and focus on 2nd hand items such as a desk or shelves from the internet. During the first year of business, agency owners should keep their fixed expense or overhead to a bare minimum. In doing so, there will be more available resources to invest in things that will result in sales such as inbound insurance leads.

You’ve passed your test and learned everything you need to know about the insurance industry. So you don’t need any further training. Wrong! No matter what industry you’re in, it’s always best to stay up on the latest trends and new developments that are happening. No matter how long you’ve been in the insurance industry, agents should always be on the lookout for additional and ongoing education, training and mentorship. Classes, seminars, conferences, or simply keeping up with industry news are all great ways to grow professionally. By continually working to make yourself a better agent, you’re showing your customers you are the best agent they should be working with!


One of the biggest perks to owning your own agency is having the ability to have more flexibility in your schedule. Sometimes it can be too easy to leave work for a personal event. A new agency is going to take more than 40 hours a week to be successful. As you start to build up interest in your agency, you’ll find working outside normal business hours is a great way to reach potential customers. It can’t be said enough that starting your own business will take all of your blood, sweat, and tears!

The Takeaway: These tips may seem obvious but it can be easy to overlook the small details that can make a big impact on your agency! Anytime you’re making a decision for your agency ask yourself “How will this decision impact revenue for the company?” That way you can prioritize needs and wants efficiently!

Find your next happy customer.

- Contactability

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