14 Tips for Effectively Working Your Insurance Leads

July 24, 2017

1. Know what you are buying. 
Leads are an investment in your agency and it is important to understand what you are buying.  You should spend time with your lead supplier to know what exactly what filters are on the leads and the price you are paying.  While you may think it would be best to only buy the ideal “prospect”, you should consider a more broad approach where you buy as many leads as possible, so you can quote the largest number of people possible.  More quotes will equal more policies sold.

2. Make sure that your systems are integrated with your lead supplier.  Home and auto insurance leads work.  They will help you to quote more and write more insurance business.  Buying insurance leads is a key marketing and sales strategy that the most successful insurance agents utilize.  They understand that it isn’t a one-time strategy for when sales are slow.  To be successful, you should make sure that you spend time upfront making sure that the leads flow into your CRM and quoting tool.  The time you spend making sure that your sales system is set-up properly will allow you to be more effective and close more sales.  If your lead supplier is unable to send your leads into  your systems, you should consider one that can.

3. Educate your team and yourself.  It is important that you present yourself as knowledgeable about where your leads are coming from.  You should make sure that your sales team understands how leads are generated online.  How consumers are marketed to and the process they undertake to get to you.  When you know this, you can be more effective in your communications with your leads and will be able to close more sales.

4. Work with a sense of urgency.  The home and auto insurance leads you are buying are sent to you in real-time.  The insurance leads was just online looking for a quote.  It is important to call the lead, the moment you receive it, as they are looking to buy.  You should have your lead company send you notification when you get leads via text, as well as by email.  When leads come in, it is critical that you call them asap.  Consumers will not be waiting around for someone to call them, if they don’t get contacted immediately, they will probably continue shopping until they find someone to help them with their home or auto insurance.

5. Have your best closers work the leads.  Some agency owners will buy leads for their worse performers, to help them be more successful.  This is a mistake.  The car and home insurance leads should be worked by your best performers.  When your best performers work the leads, you should expect to receive the most sales from your investment.  This will also serve as a motivation to your lower performers to increase their sales, so that they can get some of the car insurance leads you are buying.

6. Use multiple communication channels.  The days when consumers had one home phone are over.  To reach your home or car insurance leads, you will need to employ multiple forms of contact.  You should call, text and email.  If you are not able to reach the prospect, send a Facebook or Twitter message.  The lead will see that you want their business and will be more likely to work with you.

7. Contact at various times.  If you are not able to immediately reach the lead, it is important to try back at various time, including the weekend.  The lead may be at work or busy at home.  Do not assume that if the lead doesn’t contact you back, that they are not interested.  It is important to keep following up and reaching out to the leads you have purchased.

8. Schedule follow-ups.  Do not leave following up with a lead to chance or to your memory.  You will get busy and forget.  You should schedule every follow-up that you attempt with a lead.  Every follow-up is an opportunity for a sale and a future referral.  You should follow-up with multiple forms of communications as well.  Leaving messages work as well.

9. Listen to prospects needs.  Many of the people who you will be getting to quote are looking to save money on their insurance.  They are looking for a better rate or better coverage for what they are paying.  It is important to understand what the lead is looking to accomplish with their home or auto insurnace quote, so that you can customize it to meet their needs. 

10. Offer multiple options with available discounts.  Insurance buyers have many options for meeting their insurance needs.  Some agents expect to offer one level of coverage and the lead to either accept or reject it.  This is a mistake.  You should be willing to work with the lead to create an insurance plan that you customize for them.  In the long run, this will enable you to write more business and improve your long term retention.

11. Cross-sell other products.  It is important to cross-sell other insurance products with every contact.  Most consumers rarely ever shop for new insurance on their home or look to see if they have appropriate level of coverage.  You should offer to do an “insurance analysis” on every person you speak with.  This analysis will enable you to build a relationship and sell more policies.  You should cross-sell all the insurance types you are licensed to sell.

12. Work nights and weekends.  We now live in a 24/7 world.  Consumers want to purchase insurance when they have time.  Regardless of when that is.  As someone that is looking to grow their business, you should be willing to work when consumers are shopping and should purchase leads throughout the week.

13. Thank and ask for referrals.  Whether you write a policy or not with a lead, it is important to thank and ask for referrals.  These referrals will allow you to quote more and write more business.  Thanking someone will also leave a positive impression in the leads mind, and they will be more likely to stay with you longer and come back to you, in the event they didn’t buy.

14. Track your activities and results.  It is important to track all your lead activity and the results you achieve.  With this data, you can seek to continuously improve your performance.  You should also share this information with your lead provider.  The more data you have to share with your lead company, will allow them to potentially modify the leads they are sending to help you achieve more optimal results.

8 Secrets to Selling more Home and Auto Insurance Policies

July 14, 2017

The very best insurance agents know what it takes to sell insurance.  The best insurance agents and agencies achieve superior performance because they follow the 8 secrets below.  It doesn’t matter if you are an exclusive or an independent agent, as long as you follow these rules, you too can be a success selling auto and home insurance. 

1. Be aggressive in everything you do.  Selling home and car insurance is hyper-competitive.  If you and your team are not going to be aggressive in your sales, managing your team and relentlessly pursuing of new policies, you will not succeed.  Being aggressive means having high energy everyday.  It means not accepting the status quo and trying new strategies to drive your sales.  Being aggressive means never accepting that things are “ good enough”.  Being aggressive means buying insurance leads and calls so that you and your agents have zero downtime during the day, evening and weekends.

2. Outwork the competition.  If you and your team do not get the sale, it is going to your competition.  To be successful, you and your team need to work smart and hard everyday.  Get up early, work relentlessly through the day and into the evening.  Consumers shopping for insurance have many more options than ever before, especially the most desirable ones.  If you don’t reach an auto insurance lead on the first attempt, try again, until you reach them, email them or even send them a text.  The days when insurance buyers had few options are gone forever.  Remember to follow-up, follow-up and follow-up again.

3. Hire, delegate and hold accountable for results.  If your goal is to build a self-sustaining agency, that can out last any one individual, you need to hire staff, train, delegate and hold them accountable for achieving results.  You can not do it alone.  There is too much to do and too little time.  When you have the right people, in the right jobs, you will achieve your desired results.  Too many agency owners will hire their friends and/or family for open positions and then not hold them accountable for results.  Doing this is a mistake.  Set sales targets, revenue goals and relentlessly pursue them.

4. Focus on customer needs and wants.  Some agents try to “sell” a consumer what is best for them, rather than what is best for the customer.  They will try to “sell” the policy with the highest commission and what they believe will make them the most money.  This is shortsighted.  Consumers may buy because you “sold” them, but they won’t stick around.  You will make less money in the long run because they will switch agents the moment they find a better deal.  Always remember to focus on the consumer and that will be rewarded with more sales and longer retention.

5. Have a roadmap to where you are heading with your agency.  It is critical that you have individual, team and agency daily, weekly and monthly goals.  These goals should be for both new sales and retention.  You need to tie your compensation and rewards to achieving these goals.  Goals need to be adjusted from time to time and should be achievable, yet also something that you have to push yourself to achieve.  If you are over achieving your goals on a regular basis, the goal might be set too low.  If you are not achieving it, it might be too high or you might not be working hard enough.  Before lowering your goals, you should try harder to see if that makes a difference.

6. Invest in your sales.  How do the most successful agencies grow and make money?  They are not afraid to invest resources into performance based marketing.  They invest in programs that have direct measurable results.  They buy car and home insurance leads and calls from leads companies that pre-quality the consumer.  They know that relying on “referrals” or word of mouth, to grow your agency is like playing the lottery and hoping to win big.  Many insurance agents will reduce their marketing when sales are down, this is the opposite of what they should do.  When sales are down, agents should invest more in marketing, not less. 

7. Establish and foster partnerships.  There is nothing more important that establishing and building a strong relationship with your home and auto insurance lead and call supplier.  Many insurance agents approach their relationship with their lead company in an adversarial manner.  This is a mistake.  Insurance agents should build and nurture their leads supplier relationship to create a win-win situation.  When you have your lead company on your side and working for you, you will be more successful. 

8. Listen to your prospects, clients, employees and community.  You do not know everything.  The more open you are to obtaining advice from successful people around you, the more successful you will be.  The insurance industry is very dynamic and you should be always looking for ways to work smarter and shamelessly copy those that are doing well.  

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