Top Tech Essentials for the Everyday Insurance Agent

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August 21, 2018


Hello, Agents,

Some days, it can feel as if we’re in a hamster wheel trying to keep up with the latest and greatest tech trends. It can be difficult trying to break through all the noise to find products that can actually make your daily routines easier. Like any industry, you have to continually adapt to the changing times and use modern technology for your agency’s marketing efforts. 

We’ve put together a short list of tech essentials that all agents need to boost their success:


The Takeaway: Agents have to keep up with the digital transformation that is happening in the insurance industry. Don't let your lack of innovative tech products be the reason customers change carriers. Whatever you're feelings are on new technology as an insurance agent, there is no arguing some basic tech essentials will save you time so you can focus on gaining more customers.

Find your next happy customer.

- Contactability

5 Tips to Help Achieve Your End of Year Sales Goals

At A Glance

August 16, 2018


It’s close to the end of the week!

Which means you’ve been wondering if you’ll hit your end of week goals. But what about the big picture? With Q4 approaching quickly, why not make sure you’re doing everything possible to hit your sales targets. 

This one is for you, life insurance agents! Here’s a few tips other strategic agents have used to meet their end of year life insurance sales goals:


The Takeaway: Many people won’t take the next step because they feel they don’t have a safe, pressure-free place to start. We hope these 5 tips will help you find those potential customers that can benefit from your agency’s expertise.

Find your next happy customer.

- Contactability

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