High intent insurance leads

Insurance leads from Contactability are the best way to connect with high intent insurance shoppers.

We process over 200,000 quote requests every month looking for agents like you. Here's how it works.

We find prospects

We identify highly interested web and mobile prospects while they are shopping online for insurance.

35 question application

We ask the prospect to fill out an extensive 35 question application including contact information and detailed about their current coverage.

Delivered in seconds

Within seconds of processing the request, our system verifies the authenticity and immediately sends the detailed quote to you via email, Contactability agent center, or your preferred lead manager.

The easy way to connect with insurance shoppers.

We own and generate our traffic from some of most powerful insurance domains available including SmartFinancial.com and UnitedStatesInsurance.com.

We spend thousands of dollars every week building and promoting our consumer insurance brands. It's our mission to be the #1 source for customers across the nation to find, compare, and buy insurance policies. All prospects are asked to fill out a 35 question application including details about their current coverage, contact information, financial background, and more.

Once submitted, we verify the prospect's information for authenticity and immediately send it to you along with all the contact information.

  • Pre-qualified prospects delivered to your agency ready for a quote. Available lines: Auto, Home, Renters, Health, Life
  • Easy to use self-serve platform. Select your geographic location, filters, quantity, delivery method and number of opportunities
  • All data is screened and verified by LeadiD/Jornaya, xVerify, RealValidation, and other 3rd party APIs.
  • Pay-per-lead with no minimums, contracts, or long-term commitments.
  • The most agent friendly credit policy in the industry.
  • Earn points for every lead you purchase on our platform and redeem them for free calls and other great rewards.

Common questions about our leads.

How detailed are the leads you provide?
When we gather information for a lead, we get everything you need so that you can provide an accurate quote. Our leads are the most comprehensive and detailed that you will find in the industry.

How am I charged for leads?
You pay only for the leads you receive. When you enroll, you will be asked for a deposit on your credit or debit card. When your balance gets low, we automatically refill your account so that you won’t miss any of our leads.

Do you offer rewards for long-time clients?
Yes. For every dollar you spend, you earn a reward point. Points can be redeemed for merchandise, trips, free leads and calls and so much more.

Are the same leads sold to multiple agents from the same company?
No. Once a lead is bought, no captive agent from the same enrolled company will be competing with you for the same sale.

Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes. We offer volume discounts. To learn more, contact us at 877-323-7750.

Do you offer a reward for referring agents to contactability?
Yes. If a new agent mentions you as a referral when enrolling, you will receive $50 worth of FREE leads.

Do you offer refunds for bad leads?
Yes. If a lead has fake contact information, or if it's bad for any other reason, then the lead will be replaced.

Ready to get started or have more questions? Speak with one of our reps.