Qualified Insurance Calls

Insurance calls from Contactability are fastest and most efficient way to connect with interested insurance shoppers.

We generate thousands of web and mobile prospects every month. Here's how it works.

We find prospects

We identify highly interested web and mobile prospects while they are shopping online for insurance.

We verify interest

Our advanced technology routes the prospects to our highly trained transfer team where we verify the prospect’s information and intent to speak to a licensed insurance agent.

You answer the phone

Prospects are matched with your profile and filtering options and live transferred to you. Your office or mobile phone will ring with the interested prospect on the line ready for a quote.

Answer the phone, your lead is on the line.

Insurance calls from Contactability connect you with prospects live on the phone who are ready for a quote. You decide when to receive calls, how much you want to spend, and set advanced filtering options. You are always in full control.

The best part is that all calls are 100% exclusive. These interested prospects are transferred to you and you only.

We engage with traffic via click to call ads and speak with our prospects on the phone. We make sure they are looking for a quote and then live transfer the call directly to your agency. You simply answer the phone and instantly speak with the prospect on the line.

  • 100% contact rate on every prospect you receive
  • Insurance calls are 100% exclusive to all of our agents.
  • No minimums, contracts, or long-term commitments.
  • Pre-qualified prospects delivered to your agency ready for a quote.
  • You control type, filters, geography and more.
  • Earn points for every call you purchase on our platform and redeem them for free calls and other great rewards.
  • State-of-the-art agent center that gives you control over quantity, bid, and much more.

Common questions about our calls.

How detailed are the calls you provide?
When we gather information for a lead, we get everything you need so that you can provide an accurate quote. Our calls are the most comprehensive and detailed that you will find in the industry.

How am I charged for calls?
You pay only for the calls you receive. When you enroll, you will be asked for a deposit on your credit or debit card. When your balance gets low, we automatically refill your account so that you won’t miss any of our calls.

Do you offer a reward for referring agents to contactability?
Yes. If a new agent mentions you as a referral when enrolling, you will receive $50 worth of FREE calls.

Do you offer rewards for long-time clients?
Yes. For every dollar you spend, you earn a reward point. Points can be redeemed for merchandise, trips, free leads and calls and so much more.

Are the same calls sold to multiple agents from the same company?
All calls are exclusive and you are the only agent to receive them.

Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes. We offer volume discounts. To learn more, contact us at 877-323-7750.

How many agents typically receive a call?
All calls are exclusive and you are the only agent to receieve them.

Do you offer refunds for bad calls?
Yes. If a call has bad contact information, or if it's bad for any other reason, then the call will be replaced.

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